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The activity of Bio Nutrika is focused on services, which are related to lasting weight control and tuning into a healthier and more elegant self. The center offersautonomic resonance test (vega test) with or without tests forvitamin deficiency, minerals and enzymesenergy screeningquantum analysis andE-tolerance test and nutritional supplements. The Vega test aims to determine which foods are good for the body for a limited period of time 3 to 6 the month, and deficiency tests to define the need for active substances during this time. Energy screening and quantum analysis provide insight into the overall health of organs and systems. Knowing which E's our body absorbs is desirable, especially in cases, when our food is mainly packaged. An exceptional place among nutritional supplements is occupied by detoxification, which (wishful thinking) is done twice a year, in response to the increasing amount of toxic foods, polluted air and environment.


Superfoods are natural foods, which provide many necessary elements, working in synergy in such a way, which even scientists today do not fully understand.